Dereliction of Duty: Johnson, McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the …

“The war in Vietnam was not lost in the field, nor was it lost on the front pages of the New York Times or the college campuses. It was lost in Washington, D.C.” – H. R. McMaster (from the Conclusion) Dereliction Of Duty is a stunning analysis of how and why the United States became involved in an all-out and disastrous war in Southeast Asia. Fully and convincingly researched, based on transcripts and personal accounts of crucial meetings, confrontations and decisions, it is the only book…

Dereliction Of Duty

ISBN 10 : 006203118X
ISBN 13 : 9780062031181

"The war in Vietnam was not lost in the field, nor was it lost on the front pages of the New York Times or the college campuses. It was lost in Washington, D.C." —H. R. McMaster ..

The Vietnam War Re Examined

ISBN 10 : 9781107046405
ISBN 13 : 1107046408

An overview of the revisionist case on the Vietnam War, showing how it could have been won by the US at a lower cost than was suffered in defeat...

Routledge Handbook Of Military Ethics

ISBN 10 : 9781317801764
ISBN 13 : 1317801768

The Routledge Handbook of Military Ethics is a comprehensive reference work that addresses concerns held in common by the military services of many nations. It attempts to discern ..

The Myth Of Inevitable Us Defeat In Vietnam

ISBN 10 : 9781136339806
ISBN 13 : 1136339809

This book offers a dispassionate strategic examination of the Vietnam conflict that challenges the conventional wisdom that South Vietnam could not survive as an independent non-co..

The War Against The Working Class

ISBN 10 : 9781503531109
ISBN 13 : 1503531104

This book traces the history of revolutions and counterrevolutions since 1917, in Russia, Korea, Vietnam, China, the countries of Eastern Europe, and Cuba. I present the evidence o..

Reorganizing The Joint Chiefs Of Staff

ISBN 10 : 0313310858
ISBN 13 : 9780313310850

Studies why congress passed the Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986, and assesses how the Act changed the U.S. military...

Intelligence And U S Foreign Policy

ISBN 10 : 9780231527804
ISBN 13 : 0231527802

A career of nearly three decades with the CIA and the National Intelligence Council showed Paul R. Pillar that intelligence reforms, especially measures enacted since 9/11, can be ..

The History Of American Foreign Policy From 1895

ISBN 10 : 9781317456414
ISBN 13 : 1317456416

This important text offers a clear, concise and affordable narrative and analytical history of American foreign policy since the Spanish-American War. The book narrates events and ..

Westmoreland S War

ISBN 10 : 9780199316502
ISBN 13 : 0199316503

This groundbreaking study offers a major reinterpretation of American strategy during the first half of the Vietnam War. Gregory A. Daddis argues senior military leaders developed ..

Why Intelligence Fails

ISBN 10 : 9780801457616
ISBN 13 : 0801457610

The U.S. government spends enormous resources each year on the gathering and analysis of intelligence, yet the history of American foreign policy is littered with missteps and misu..

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