The Blue Planet Project

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ISBN 10 : 9781433938184
ISBN 13 : 1433938189

Simple text and photographs present facts about Earth and its place in the solar system...

The Blue Planet

ISBN 10 : 0563384980
ISBN 13 : 9780563384984

Ours is a watery planet, with two-thirds of its surface made up of water. Yet few places on Earth retain their secrets as well as oceans. Beyond the shorelines lies a largely undis..

The Blue Planet

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Mike Bayer's book, "The Blue Planet: Informal International Police Networks and National Intelligence," makes a powerful argument for why the United States needs to make better use..

The Story Of The Blue Planet

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ISBN 13 : 1609804295

Brimir and Hulda are best friends who live on a small island on a beautiful blue planet where there are only children and no adults. Their planet is wild and at times dangerous, bu..

The Blue Planet

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The first book of this series, 23 Hours, was a labor of love and an intense lesson in the skills of writing. I don’t even pretend to have those skills, but I do fool myself into ..